NDIS Interpretation and Translation Services Provider in Melbourne

Asking your relatives or friends to translate may only work a few times at best. When you ask someone who is not a professional, there is no guarantee that they have interpreted or translated what you wanted to convey exactly. They might have understated or even overstated the facts. This can be concerning when dealing with legal professionals, doctors or NDIS service providers. If you feel that you are not able to convey your concerns or needs in a language, a professional translator or interpreter is the way to go. Western Support Services offers NDIS participants who have different linguistic or cultural backgrounds translating and interpreting services. You can now communicate confidently using our NDIS translation services.


Benefits of Hiring Interpreters

Professional interpreters or translators are familiar with the nuances of a language and culture. Their knowledge will help you receive localised translations. When you choose our interpreter or translators, you will be able to deliver a consistent message. Professional translation service providers are not only fluent in two or more languages but are also aware of technical and complex terminologies. You will be able to get the information accurately translated faster. Our services will help you overcome communication barriers and ensure that your message is heard. This way, you can avoid blunders or mistranslations.

Interpreter and Translation Services

Western Support Services provides interpretation and translation services limited to verbal communication between two people. The interpreter/translator will not assist the client with NDIS planning in any way. Some of our translator/interpreter services include:

  • Immediate Phone Interpreting Services: This option can be used at times when you need immediate help with translation.
  • Pre-booked Interpreting Services: You can pre-book your schedule for interpreting sessions. We will consider your needs and preferences before allotting the slot to an interpreter.
  • On-site Interpreting Services: You can choose this service when interpreting over the phone is not appropriate, or for situations where you need to have longer conversations that involve sensitive topics. This option is available for interviews or group meetings planned in advance.

Professional Interpretation and Translation Services for NDIS Participants in Melbourne

Western Support Services understands the importance of transparent and healthy communication between participants and service providers. This facilitates better planning and helps a participant receive the support they specifically require. We offer one of the best services because our interpreters:

  • Are familiar with many languages and nuances
  • Have also been trained to understand your body language
  • Words appropriately translated without any mistakes
  • Take time with difficult or sensitive issues so that you are always comfortable
  • Will not falsely interpret something that they do not understand

If you are looking for a professional translation service provider in Melbourne to help you interpret/translate, call us on 0434 610 012 or write to us at info@westernsupportservices.com.au. We will help you overcome any cultural and linguistic barriers.