NDIS Assisted Life Stage Transition Services in Melbourne

Transitioning through the different stages of life is not easy. For individuals with disabilities, it can be much harder. It could be a new home, school, university, or even work – people with disabilities require additional care and support to manage these transitions. This is where the NDIS-assisted life stage transition services can help.

Western Support Services offers assisted life stage transition NDIS support to all eligible participants in Melbourne. Whether you want to be closer to your family or relocate for work, you will want an easy and hassle-free process. We understand this need. Our social workers will deliver the right support that you need. With our life-stage transition support services, you will be able to manage any transition and experience new stages in your life.

Assist- Life Stage/Transition

What Does Our Assisted Life Stage Transition Support Include?

Whether you are starting work at your new job, moving into a new home, or accessing any new opportunity, our assisted life stage transition NDIS support will help you. You can choose between short and long-term support depending on your situation. Such support will enable a smooth transition without any disruptions. The aim is to help you integrate into a new phase of your life comfortably with the right support such as social connections, accommodation, recreation and finances.

You will be able to connect with our range of services and build your confidence. Western Support Services has social workers with AASW professional membership. Our dedicated team can assist with the management and coordination of your NDIS plan. Some of the common supports included in our NDIS-assisted life stage transition are as follows:

  • Support coordination and connection
  • Assistance with decision-making
  • Assistance with tenancy and accommodation
  • Individual skill development, peer support, planning and mentoring
  • Financial management and daily budgeting
  • Crisis management and conflict resolution
  • Establishing new connections in the community
  • Independent living skills and self-care

Why Choose Western Support Services for NDIS-Assisted Life Stage Transition?

Western Support Services aims to empower all NDIS participants in their journey towards a happier and healthier life. We design customised care services to help our clients and meet their needs. When it comes to assistance with life stage transitions in Melbourne, we are the ideal choice as we offer:

  • Personalised services that cater to your individual needs and goals
  • Prioritising the convenience and daily schedule of our clients
  • Hold close consultations to ensure all needs and preferences of the participant are integrated into the plan
  • Take efforts towards understanding the goals and helping participants achieve them
  • Flexible approach to assist our clients
  • Experienced professionals
  • Transparent and healthy communication with our clients

For more information on our assisted life stage transition NDIS services, you can call us on 0434 610 012 or email us at info@westernsupportservices.com.au and our team will be happy to help.