NDIS Assisted Travel and Transport Services Provider in Melbourne

Accessing transportation and getting from one place to another is extremely difficult for people with disabilities. Without a reliable transportation system, tasks such as going to work, medical appointments, school, running errands or community activities can be a daily struggle. NDIS transport services can aptly address this issue. They have been specially designed for participants who require assistance with transport, making day-to-day activities smoother.

Western Support Services is a registered NDIS-assisted travel and transport services provider in Melbourne. We help participants access NDIS funding for taxis, community vehicles, ride shares and any other suitable transport method. As an NDIS provider for transport assistance, our primary function is to support you with the necessary services that will help you with your day-to-day travel needs along with economic, social and community participation.

Depending on the level of your disability and the support required, our support workers can accompany you in your travels. You can also develop skills to independently use public transport with our services. Be it public transport or a private vehicle, we provide a range of options to help you get to your destination on time. Our team can guide you through the maze of NDIS plans and get the right services included in your plan. We also have social workers who holding AASW professional membership.

NDIS Assist Travel Transport

How Do Our Transport Services Help NDIS Participants in Melbourne?

With our NDIS transport services, you will have the power to choose what best suits your goals and needs. Each support can be fully personalised to suit your specific needs as and when you need it. We understand the difficulties faced by participants when it comes to transportation. We handle transportation services to facilitate hassle-free travel and help you acquire the required equipment or means to travel independently. Additionally, our support worker will also train you on how to make your travel safe, easy and comfortable along with tips on how to efficiently use public transport.

NDIS-assisted travel and transport services will help you access alternative transport methods and enable you to lead an independent life. Using our NDIS transport services, you can increase your involvement in daily life activities, and economic, social and community participation. As a registered NDIS transport provider, we offer:

  • Travel and transport lessons: We help you travel better by showing you how to travel independently and make your journey safe, easy and comfortable.
  • Vehicle modification: Our services also extend to vehicle modifications that account for your disability. You can travel safely in your vehicle that has been customised according to your requirements and comfort.
  • Travelling by yourself: We will help you access rideshares, taxis, community transport or any other transport type suitable for you under your NDIS transport funding.
  • Travel assistance: You can get our support workers to accompany you or drive you around while you attend a social event, medical appointment or go shopping.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services: You can choose to get a pickup and drop-off service to help you travel to and from your place of study, work or community participation events.

What Makes Western Support Services Unique?

Western Support Services provides reliable transport and travel assistance that puts your needs and preferences first. Our NDIS transport is funded through your plan. They are also personalised to address your requirements and help you achieve your goals. We are one of the leading NDIS transport providers in Melbourne because our team offers the following assistance:

  • Provide quick and customised services
  • Help manage your NDIS support services
  • Develop plans that provide maximum benefit
  • Social workers with AASW professional membership
  • Flexible services that support daily activities and independent living
  • Transparent and open communication
  • Help you to make the right choices and take control of your life
  • Provide support workers (if required)
  • Help our participants achieve their goals

You can call us on 0434 610 012 or write to us at info@westernsupportservices.com.au to know more about our NDIS-assisted travel and transport services.