NDIS Plan Management Service Provider in Melbourne

Navigating through the different red tapes and mountains of paperwork generated by NDIS service systems can be stressful and time-consuming. It is never a pleasant situation when you urgently require specialised services but end up dealing with multiple layers of stress-inducing procedures. It defeats the purpose of the plan in the first place. This also highlights the need for an NDIS plan management provider.

Western Support Services is a registered NDIS services provider in Melbourne that offers some of the best National Disability Insurance Scheme plan management services to participants. We have an expert team to take care of the paperwork, manage plans, and oversee your NDIS support funding to ensure maximum benefit. With us by your side, you can sit back and enjoy the services.

Importance of NDIS Plan Management

NDIS is meant to assist people with disabilities by providing personalised care, health assistance, goods, and related support services. NDIS offers funding to modify homes or assist these individuals in their daily lives. These funds are allocated to a plan which is used for the participant’s requirements including pre-approved activities like therapies. Self-management of the funds is possible, but it can quickly overwhelm a participant.

NDIS Plan Management

This is why NDIS plan management providers are gaining traction. These organisations have individuals who specialise in NDIS management. They will handle the finances and funding for various plans that a participant wishes to enrol in. Simply put, plan managers will receive funds from the NDIS and pay service providers on behalf of an NDIS participant.

NDIS plan manager providers will handle the following activities:

  • Budget management to realise personal goals and objectives
  • Oversee the allotment of NDIS funds to various plans desired by participants
  • Avoid a situation where further assistance needs to be sought, whether it is financial or otherwise
  • Familiarise participants with NDIS plan management services to promote independence and self-sufficiency

A plan manager can help:

  • Increase your plan management skills
  • Learn self-management
  • Pay providers
  • Increase the overall choice of providers
  • Receive NDIS plan budget reports
  • Get a greater budget oversight

How NDIS Plan Management Providers Help You

The primary objective of our NDIS plan management services is to ensure that your desired plan is implemented as you intended. As part of our support, you will receive:

  • Financial advice regarding your NDIS funds
  • Expense and activity reports
  • Guidance and pointers on best ways to use your funds
  • Access to prompt payment and reimbursement systems
  • Transparent dealings with NDIS service providers and invoices
  • Strict adherence to payment and price controls established by the NDIS

Why Us? What Makes Us Unique?

Western Support Services offers a reliable support system for individuals with disabilities in Melbourne. As your NDIS plan management provider, we will assume the responsibility of managing your funds according to your specific needs. You can leave the paperwork and the lengthy documentation process in our capable hands while you reap the benefits afforded by your selected plans.

We have a loyal base of satisfied clients who continue to engage our services. Our social workers hold AASW professional membership and are dedicated to offering our clients reliable support. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our family. Call us on 0434 610 012 and allow us to do the needful while you work on your goals. You can also reach us at info@westernsupportservices.com.au for further enquiries. Let us work our magic in your life.