NDIS Social and Community Participation Programs in Melbourne

Are you looking forward to doing something fun and energetic? Would you like to be part of a big vibrant community? Do you love interacting with people but feel limited by lack of appropriate support? Put all those thoughts away. Let Western Support Services help you with NDIS social and community participation in Melbourne.

Social and community participation is about getting out of your comfort zone and being part of the community. This allows you to meet people and try different things. We actively encourage NDIS community participation amongst our clients and assist them at every step. This promotes social skill development, making new friends, and contribution as an active member of the community. Participants will be encouraged to attend art classes, go on a vacation, learn to play instruments, play sports, go swimming and participate in other thrilling activities. NDIS funds will be used to finance these crucial activities in the participants’ lives.

NDIS Community Participation Melbourne

What are the Benefits of NDIS Innovative Community Participation?

Engaging with the community is a necessity for any human being. As social beings, we yearn for some sort of social interaction. While this is easily achieved by the general populace, people with disabilities may struggle to foster meaningful social interaction. This is where our NDIS social and community participation services showcase their usefulness. The benefits are multifold and positive influence on the lives of our participants. Active community participation helps:

  • Enhance your mood and inspire a happy state of mind
  • Concentration and mental drive
  • Set goals or directions in life
  • Promote creativity and imagination skills
  • Provide a sense of belonging
  • Build social networks and support systems
  • Find a purpose and opportunity to contribute to the community
  • Improve adaptability under different conditions

Types of NDIS Community Participation Activities

NDIS assistance with social and community participation extends to various activities like:

  • Personal development courses
  • Social group interaction
  • Excursions and planned holidays
  • Holiday camps
  • Library visits
  • Going to the movies or concerts
  • Community events
  • Indoor/outdoor sports

Let us look at a few popular activities in detail:

  • Personal Development Courses:

Personal development courses are important for NDIS participants because it improves character, skills, and abilities. These courses help them discover their potential. The Western Support Services team will help you find the perfect personal development course as part of the NDIS community participation activities.

  • Social Group Interaction:

Happiness comes with positive interactions and friendships. Going to a social support group can help you find like-minded individuals who understand your daily challenges. Some of the prominent social groups in Melbourne are:

  • Living with Disabilities
  • Melbourne Disability Friends
  • Melbourne Living with Disabilities Meetup Group
  • Disability Victoria Meetup
  • Fun Activities:

NDIS social and community participation programs are not always about meetings and discussions. Fun activities like going to the movies, concerts or holiday camps are conducted regularly. We will provide the required assistance if you wish to participate in something similar.

  • Community Events:

Participating in major community events is extremely beneficial for NDIS participants. It enhances creativity and self-confidence while promoting independence. Our aim is to ensure that the activity you participate in aligns with your interests and matches your skills.

Western Support Services: Your Trusted NDIS Services Provider

When you confront a major challenge in life, having trustworthy and compassionate people who are skilled and experienced in your corner provides a massive boost to your confidence. This is exactly what Western Support Services wishes to help you out with – surrounding you with the right support and people.

We understand the assignment. As a registered NDIS provider, our priority will always be to offer a shoulder to lean on whenever and wherever it is needed. Our AASW-accredited social workers will ensure your safety and well-being, while providing the much-needed motivation to keep you going. You who will be calling the shots! We are only here to help you realise your true potential.

Take the first step towards self-realisation and talk to our support staff. Call us on 0434 610 012 to discuss your NDIS social and community participation in Melbourne. You can also write to us at info@westernsupportservices.com.au for additional information.